Need a new roof?

Sunday Apr 08th, 2018


Raise your hand if you lost some shingles in last week’s wild wind storm?


In my little town, on a quick drive to school and back, I counted at least 10 homes with torn-off shingles and bare-patches of plywood where a roof should be the day after the wind storm. Even our neighbour’s new roof (replaced last year) was affected. And, it was the hottest topic on the local mom Facebook group too.


So let’s talk roofs… I know, it’s not the most exciting home-improvement related topic. It doesn’t have the glamour of a new kitchen, the fresh feel of a coat of paint, or the coziness of new carpet or flooring. Roofs are never attraction-grabbing for long. No one wants to deal with the expense of a new roof. Wouldn’t you rather put that $5000 to $15000 towards a spa-like bathroom or a finished basement? Of course, you would.


But, without a roof, well, do you even have shelter??? No. It’s non-negotiable. You need a roof over your head. If you are even thinking, “How long can I go with bare plywood up there?” Don’t. Without a solid roof, you risk water entering your home seeping into in places you wouldn’t expect, leading to drywall damage, mould growth, soggy plywood and potentially, in the long term, rotting joists. All of that equals $$$ to repair or replace. So spend the money now before it costs you later.


3 Signs You Need A New Roof:

  1. Shingles are curling, stripped or bald, or torn or cracked in many places.​
  2. The roof has saggy spots. The shingles might look fine, but water has penetrated the plywood underneath leading to rot.​
  3. Granules from the shingles are in your gutter or visible on your walkway/porch. The shingles are deteriorating.


The post-rainy season is the best time to install a new a roof - keeping your roof dry is the goal. New shingles need to undergo thermal sealing and that can be difficult to achieve in the colder winter months so aim for late spring, summer or early fall for a new roof installation.


If you are selling your home, and your home is in need of a new roof, get it done. A new roof is a feature that a prospective buyer will greatly appreciate. First, it will enhance the overall curb appeal of your home (choose your shingle colour carefully!) and second, buyers will breathe a sigh of relief knowing they do not have to take on that expense any time soon.


Remember, do your research when selecting a roofing company. Ask your neighbours and friends for referrals and get at least three estimates on the cost.


Good luck and stay dry this April!



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