Overcoming Obstacles (Goal Setting Part 3)

Monday Feb 12th, 2018


I struggled writing this blog; the final in my series on setting and achieving goals. I wrote it a couple of weeks ago, had full intentions to post it, but something wasn’t right; it wasn’t coming together as it should. Since the new year, a few obstacles popped up, blocking my course, causing me to reevaluate my direction on a few of my goals. I felt like I hit a wall. Ironically, that’s what this blog is about - overcoming obstacles and “the wall” that prevents you from reaching your goals.

For some, as of late, the GTA housing market might be perceived as an obstacle. As a first-time homebuyer, you may be facing the wall of new mortgage stress tests that came fully into effective as of January 1st, 2018. As a homeowner with a mortgage, your wall might be the interest rates that rose a couple of weeks ago and are poised to rise again. And, as a seller, your wall might be deciding when is the best time to sell in a changing market. So, if you have hit a wall in reaching your goals like I did, read on.

How to get over "the wall"

1. Pause, gather facts, and reflect on your goal. It’s ok to take a breather but don’t stop for long. Think about what’s going on, look at all the facts as to why this might be happening and gain perspective. If you need to switch your focus, do so, but come back to your main objective and be prepared to tackle it.

2. Seek help. Gain perspective from professionals. Ask questions to learn more. For example, if your goal is to buy or sell a home and you are feeling challenged by the changing market,

​​a. Speak with a real estate professional for an analysis of what’s happening in your neighbourhood, whether you are buying or selling. They will do the research for you and give you the straight facts. They can give you insight into where prices are heading and how they are changing.​

b. Speak with a mortgage professional about creative sources of funding whether that be a second mortgage, sourcing an alternative or private lender, or restructuring debt. Listen to their perspective on your best options. There are solutions to get you to your goals! ​


​​3. Do your own research. Take what you’ve learned from the professionals, make your own comparisons, and weigh the pros and cons in your decisions. Think about how you can turn any negative into a positive opportunity. ​


4. Find a solution. You’ve taken the necessary preparations and have done your research. Are you ready to make a decision that will get you to the goal post? Yes? Great! No? Go back to step 1 and review your plans.  


The bottom line is, when you are facing the wall, seek help, gain perspective, research, get creative and find a solution. Apply this step-by-step process to any obstacle - it will work - but don’t stop for long when reflecting on your goals or you may lose momentum. Keeping it top of mind will force you to come up with a solution.  

As for the obstacles I’m trying to overcome, I’m halfway through Step 2. After reflecting for too long, I was starting to feel stuck. Meeting with others, listening to experts, and surrounding myself with the right people has helped me see things from a new perspective. I know it won’t be long before I meet my goals. Which step of the process are you at in overcoming your challenges?  

If you are at Step 2, and your obstacle is buying or selling home, remember, I’m here to help with the necessary research and guide you through the process. Achieving your real estate goals in 2018 doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Last week, the keynote speaker at a real estate conference I attended confidently said, “It’s a good time to buy, rates are going up; it’s a good time to sell, there is sufficient demand.” Look at both sides and find the positive. So keep that in mind as you plan your next steps to reach your goals and overcome any obstacles you face - you can get over the wall!

Until next time,



Michelle Bingley Feb 14, 2018
Great message. You are motivating and I'm sure you will not only meet your goals but exceed them if you follow your own advice.
Lisa Grant Feb 14, 2018
Thanks Michelle! That's the plan. Ultimately, my hope is this benefits others, but if nothing else, it's helping me stay on course.

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