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Wednesday Jan 17th, 2018



Last week, I wrote about “Starting Now.” And, that’s my motto for this year “Start Now.” 

So, I’m curious, what resolutions did you set and start for 2018? Is there one big goal you want to accomplish? Have you broken down how are you going to get there? Who’s keeping you accountable to your goals?

For me, I’ve started on learning and development this January. I’ll give you a behind the scenes update of what I’ve been up to this week related to that goal:

  1. Monday I met with a colleague for a few hours to do some hands-on training.
  2. Tuesday I was at the Toronto Real Estate Board for a technology course.
  3. Wednesday I had a morning webinar and studied for an upcoming exam
  4. Thursday I have an accountability meeting.
  5. Friday I’m back at TREB for a residential investment properties course.

It truly is a full week devoted to learning and development. I love learning new things and continuing my education. I’m telling you this because the more I know, the better I can help my clients and provide the service and knowledge they deserve and need. I'm also telling you this because it keeps me focused on my goals and accountable.

Accountability. First, let me say, I’m a real estate sales rep, I’m not a motivational speaker, but I’m hoping this tip will help you - because it’s helping me. When it comes to achieving your goals, keep this 4-step process in mind:

“You think it, you speak it, you act on it and... it happens.” Try it, it works!

Speak it. That’s the accountability part. It’s important to have someone to check in with who will remind you of your goal. That alone can keep you moving forward.

So I’ll ask again, what’s your one big goal? Have you started? Have you shared it with anyone? Post it in the comments below or message me and I’ll keep you accountable to it. And you can keep me accountable to mine. We can do this together.

That’s it for today. Go get started now on whatever it is you want to achieve. Tell someone about it and then make it happen.

Take care and have a great day!



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